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Patient Testimonials for:

Pain Discorders
2. Infertility Issues & IVF Support
3. Fertility & Morning Sickness
4 Menstrual Pain, Migraine Headaches and Depression
5. Menopausal Symptoms
6. Fibromyalgia
7. Insomnia
8. Digestive Imbalance
9. Ulcerative Colitis
10. Sinus Problems
11. Dry Burning Eyes

Patient Testimonial for Infertility and IVF Support

After years of trying to conceive with no success, my husband and I went to a fertility clinic for help. I did lots of research and I had read that acupuncture may increase your chances of getting pregnant with in-vitro fertilization (IVF). I was hesitant at first, like I am with everything. But I was 40 years old with my clock ticking loudly! I found Joyce's website and decided to try acupuncture. After all, IVF is very expensive, costing about $10,000 per cycle. We had enough money to try one cycle, so I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. I emailed Joyce to see if she could help me out and she responded to me within one day. She reassured me that acupuncture could definitely improve my chances. I'm not a very adventurous person and don't like to try things that seem out of the ordinary. So acupuncture and IVF were not things I wanted to take part in. However, I knew I didn't have any more time to play around with trying to conceive. So I decided to take the plunge.

The first needle she inserted was in my left hand/wrist area and it sent a wave of energy through my hand that I've never felt before. I felt kind of funny lying there with needles inserted all over my body- there was even one in my forehead. While I could feel the sensation of the needles sometimes and the energy that shot through, I was never in any pain. I looked forward to going to my treatments because I had to lie down and relax for half an hour. With all the emotional pain that comes with infertility, it was nice to have a break and treat myself to a part of the day where I could catch a nap or just lie there and think things through. And Joyce made me feel so comfortable every time I visited her. I think I went to see her twice per week for a couple weeks before the embryo transfer and then a couple times after the transfer. She was so supportive and helped me through a very difficult emotional time. Well, as I'm writing this testimonial, my new born son is right next to me. He was born perfectly healthy and I am over 40 years old now. I am convinced that the acupuncture helped me to achieve my dream of motherhood. I highly recommend trying acupuncture and I especially recommend Joyce. I would go back to her in a heartbeat!

-- Anonymous Patient

Patient Testimonial for Fertility and Morning Sickness

Having experienced a miscarriage in December of 2008 at the age of 35, I began to research my options for a healthy pregnancy. I found Joyce's website and decided to try acupuncture. I was a bit skeptical and very nervous before my first appointment. It turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about! Joyce's kind mannerism and genuine concern immediately put me at ease. After an extensive interview about my health history, she began to treat my digestive and reproductive systems, as well as, some anxiety issues I had been experiencing. I also began to take the herbs she prescribed to supplement my areas of deficit. I continued acupuncture treatments, twice a week, for three months before we tried to conceive again. After these months had passed, not only did my digestive system feel the best it had in years, I was also experiencing more regular menstrual periods, very mild PMS symptoms and much less anxiety. I am happy to report that I am now over half way through the first trimester of my pregnancy! As I am experiencing morning sickness, Joyce has continued to provide acupuncture treatments to stave off these and other pregnancy symptoms. I look forward to each treatment with Joyce as it provides me with days of relief from the nausea! I cannot speak highly enough of Lakefront Acupuncture and the treatment I received. Without a doubt, I believe Joyce's care strengthened my body to sustain a healthy and normal pregnancy. Thank you, Joyce!


Patient Testimonial for Menstrual Pain, Migraine Headaches & Depression

I was 16 years old when I first started having pain in my lower left side of my stomach. The pain would come and go, but would be excruciating when it was there. It was affecting my life in many ways. I was unable to go to school when the pain was bad and when it was at its worst I was unable to get out of bed. The day before my high school graduation I was taken to the emergency room because the pain was so intense I couldn't even dress myself. After many different treatments over the years, my doctors felt like the only option left was exploratory surgery. Once inside, they discovered I had a condition called endometriosis. This is a disease that has no known cause and no known cure - you can only treat the symptoms. Cysts develop along the lining of your uterus and instead of shedding with monthly menstrual cycles they latch on to other places in the reproductive system such as fallopian tubes and ovaries. During my first surgery they removed a cyst the size of a tennis ball from my left fallopian tube and several smaller cysts in the area. The pain subsided for about six months and then began to return progressively getting worse. Again with my doctor we tried many different options like continuous birth control pills, pain medication, and even hormone therapy to put me into temporary menopause. After a few years of unsuccessfully treating the symptoms I opted for another surgery; this time several golf-ball sized cysts were removed along with significant scarring from the first surgery. I was told that it would be difficult to conceive children due to the cysts and excessive scarring. Following the second surgery the pain again subsided for several months but upon its return I again started taking medication to mask the symptoms. After two years of trying, we were finally able to conceive our first child. The pregnancy and delivery helped to control my pain from the endometriosis significantly. It wasn't until after our second daughter was born that the pain returned. At this time I was referred by a friend to Xianhui Yang and I decided that since Western Medicine was unable to help me for the last 13-14 years with my pain, I would try acupuncture. My first treatment was a little nerve-wracking, I wasn't too sure about having needles poked into me but I figured it was worth a shot. When I went to Xianhui's office my menstrual cramps were so painful I was having a hard time standing upright. After going over my history and talking with me for several minutes, she laid me on a table and began to gently place the needles. Within a few minutes my cramps began to relax and by the end of the treatment they had vanished completely. I returned for several more visits to continue my healing process and with each visit my cramps would stay at bay for longer periods of time. At one visit I had heavy menstrual bleeding for twelve days and was getting concerned over the loss of blood. After leaving my treatment in the morning my bleeding was significantly reduced and had stopped completely by bedtime that evening. Since that treatment, my periods have become regular and much more consistent. I no longer have cramps and nausea with ovulation, and I no longer have cramps or headaches with menstruation.

Xianhui has provided me, through her treatments and herbal supplements, with a much happier, healthier, pain free life. She has also helped me to get control over my migraine headaches and joint pain and stiffness in my shoulder due to injury and subsequent surgery. I have recommended Xianhui to many family members and friends who have all found great success in her treatments as well. She has provided us with personalized service for complications ranging from depression, anxiety, acne, muscle and joint pain, and weight loss. Acupuncture can benefit anybody that has health issues they need addressed because it works correct the root of the problem and not treat the symptoms by allowing our bodies to heal themselves and get back into a natural balance.

-- Rebecca G.

Patient Testimonial for Insomnia, Menopausal Symptoms and Digestive Problems

I came to Lakefront Acupuncture hoping to relieve my night sweats, hot flashes and insomnia due to menopause. I was waking up 2-3 times a night, and each time could take me half hr to one hr to go back to sleep. I was also accessed as having a digestive problem. Within 3 weeks my night sweats had subsided, the hot flashes were at a minimum and my digestive system was on the mend. We continued strengthening my digestive system and relieving my menopausal symptoms, also addressing insomnia due to stress and menopause. Within a short period of time I was able to sleep for 5 - 7 hours without waking. My energy level has increased and I feel great. I feel renewed in body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines to restore your body back to optimal health.

-- Mary W.

I had menopause related issues for some time, such as trouble sleeping, anxiety, and adult acne. I received great relief with the problems after acupuncture treatments by Xianhui(Joyce) Yang, Licensed Acupuncturist at Lakefront Acupuncture Clinic. It is amazing the difference acupuncture can make to your feeling of well being.
I have recommended Xianhui Yang to many family and friends, who have been very pleased with the results of her treatments.

-- Carol
Belle Plaine, MN
Patient Testimonial for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Celiac Disease and Bipolar Disorder

I just celebrated my 61st birthday in April, and I do mean celebrate. When my health care representative called me in February for her usual monthly check in, I felt that there was nothing that could help me and that I was going to die soon. She asked me if there was anything that had helped me in the past, and I told her, "acupuncture, but my insurance no longer pays for it." She thought it had been reinstated. She checked around and found that it would be covered and gave me the choice of four different acupuncturists in the Twin Cities area.

I chose Lakefront Acupuncture and called Xianhui to make an appointment. She worked me into her schedule and I began seeing her and Michelle in March 2010. I had to be careful about scheduling things because I was so weak I could not do more than one appointment of any kind per day. I had to have a full night's sleep plus a nap every day. If I took care of my six and nine year old granddaughters for a day, I had to sleep all of the following day. I was suffering with pain all over my body, including my stomach with bloating. I have had bipolar disorder since age 10 and am described by my psychiatrist as being fragile. The H1N1 flu had hit me hard in October and affected not only my body, but my mind. My memory and concentration were at an all time low, and my psychiatrist increased all five of my psych meds to the maximum amounts. The winter was a tough one; I thought it would be my last.

When I saw Xianhui and Michelle for the first time the beginning of March, I hurt all over including an ear infection. My insurance said that I could have as many treatments as necessary. Xianhui said that with as many problems as I was having I would be seen every day in China. We decided to do three times per week acupuncture treatments first, and each session was between one to two hours.

The second week of acupuncture I was diagnosed by my medical doctor with Celiac Sprue Disease, and started on a gluten-free diet. My body was undoubtedly having trouble absorbing nutrients because of the damage to my small intestine. Having the Celiac Disease diagnosis at my age, I was told that it would probably take six months to a year before it was under control, if at all.

I knew from previous experience that acupuncture would help but looking back on the last three months I can hardly believe how fast I have gotten to where I am, with very little pain, sleeping better, energetic, abdominal pain and bloating are almost gone, moods are more stable using half as much psych meds, and best of all, a feeling of well-being. I feel like I am going to stay around long enough to see my granddaughters grow up. It is the beginning of June and we are now down to twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half. I am a singer, my larynx and ears are in great shape and I'm feeling ready for an audition next week. The slight pain of the needles is so minute compared to the pain they eliminate. Xianhui and Michelle along with hundreds of needles did their magic with acupuncture, and along with a gluten-free diet which has been more effective because of the acupuncture, I am now living life.

-- Lynne

Patient Testimonial for Insomnia

In January of 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, my body went into pre-mature menopause~ thus beginning over 5 years of hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. Over the course of the years, I had been on several different sleep medications- all of which worked for a period of time, then proved to be of not much help. Just prior to my starting acupuncture, I was taking 2 Ambien before bed and only sleeping in 1 ?-2 hour increments. I would wake several times during the night being unable to fall back asleep. Most nights averaged about 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep. I knew I had to try something else and wanted to get off the sleeping pills.

I had my first visit with Joyce on a Friday. After a very thorough health history and exam, she told me she could help, but it would take some time since this has been an ongoing issue for me. The following night, I slept for 7 hours straight through- with no drugs! I have gotten a good night sleep most nights since. I still wake up 1-2 times per night, but am able to fall right back asleep and wake refreshed and rested. The night sweats have decreased dramatically too. I continue with my acupuncture visits.

I am so happy to have tried acupuncture and am obviously pleased with the results. Joyce has been instrumental in educating me about acupuncture and helping me get my life back. Being rested gives me a whole new outlook on life!

I have told everyone I know to at least give acupuncture a try and see what it can do for you!

-- Kathy S.

Patient Testimonial for Dry Burning Eyes, Headaches, Depression & Insomnia

I began acupuncture with Joyce at Lakefront Acupuncture in August of 22008. My health problems started about 1 and half years ago with headaches, anxiety attacks, sinus blockage, dry eyes, TMJ problems, sun sensitivity and a chronic sleep problem. The doctors were unable to find the cause of my symptoms, other than peri-menopause and anxiety disorder, so they gave me prescription drugs for each of my symptoms. I tried 6 different anti-depressants and each one had terrible side effects. I was also put on sleeping pills, eye drops and a nasal inhaler, and told to avoid the sun and heat. I also started therapy. After a year and a half of feeling like I couldn't live another day I tried acupuncture. I started going 2 times a week and after about 3 weeks I started to feel like my old self. I am also taking some Chinese herbs. I have continued the treatments on a weekly basis for about 10 weeks. I still have some slight symptoms but for the most part I am feeling good and I am not taking any prescription drugs or doing any therapy.

I am very thankful to Joyce for her patience with me. I do not like the initial placement of the needles but once they are in they are very comfortable. Joyce is very kind and gentle and I would recommend her.

-- PM

Patient Testimonial for Ulcerative Colitis

After finding myself in a rather desperate situation in December '07 with my chronic health condition: ulcerative colitis, I sought the holistic healing of acupuncture. It seems that it was rather fateful that I came upon Xianhui's business card at my local health food co-op. After my first interview I felt relieved and confident that she would be able to help my condition with acupuncture and medicinal herbs. It truly was miraculous - at least to me - that after only 2 days or so my symptoms of ulcerative colitis had all but disappeared! I no longer experienced the very disruptive and annoying issues: abdominal cramps, rectal bleeding, discharge of mucous. All of these are very challenging to deal with and cause serious amount of emotional/psychological anxiety. It has been three months now since I've started acupuncture therapy with Xianhui and continue to have no symptoms of ulcerative colitis! Her experience, wisdom and positive disposition are a great comfort to someone who is searching for a way to heal, and at the very least, have the chronic condition( symptoms) stay in remission. Ultimately we are working towards reducing - if not eliminating - the need for medication. Of course we are both considering what my gastro-enterologist is recommending as well. And the bonus, Xianhui is experienced in assisting people to lose weight thru acupuncture and medicinal herbs also. We are working on that a little bit as it will also help with ulcerative colitis.

I always come away from my acupuncture sessions very relaxed and very thankful that there is someone in the community with this experience. I continue to be astounded that these needle points inserted so strategically can have such a powerful effect.

Thank you Xianhui for all the good that you do!

-- Sherry

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